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Ahmad Hussain and Tahir Mahmoud of PWF receiving certificate


Doha MOI PR 19 March 2017 'This event comes so significant for several considerations because of the close relationship between the idea of peaceful coexistence and social security and its positive reflections on maintaining public order and ensuring peace of mind', Lt. Col. Saad Salim Al Dousari, Asst. Director of Human Rights Department, ... Read More
March 19, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik


Doha 19 March 2017 Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, one of the most prominent literary critics, intellectuals and scholars of Pakistan, has been declared the winner of 21st Aalmi Frogh-e-Urdu Adab Award from Pakistan'', it was announced today by Mohammad Atiq, Chairman of the Board of Patrons, Majlis-e-Frogh-e-Urdu Adab's (Society For the ... Read More
March 19, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Abbas Tabish receives First Museeb U Rahman Award 2017


Doha, Qatar Doha based URDU language literary forum of Pakistani expatriate community 'Shaeqee Ne Fun' headed by URDU World's renowned personality Mohammad Atiq, recently launched 'Malik Museeb-ur-Rehman International Award' from Qatar on URDU literary works. The award is dedicated in memory of founder of the forum Late Malik Museeb-U-Rahman in recognition ... Read More
March 19, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Abdus Samad award winner (india)


Doha 23 Feb 2017 Prof. Dr Abdus Samad from India, a renowned educationist and author will receive the honour alongwith a Pakistani winner, whose name will be announced after the Pakistan Jury, headed by Dr Khurshid Rizvi, holds its meeting in the first week of March in Lahore'', said Mohammad Atiq, Chairman ... Read More
February 23, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Group Picture Newly Elected Excom


Doha Bazm-e-Alig, Alumni Association of Aligarh Muslim University, Qatar Chapter elected a new executive Committee to carry out its social and educational programs for the next two years. Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is one of the prestigious educational institutions of India. A large number of AMU Alumni are working ... Read More
January 31, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Lahore Qalandar Players with their winning trophy seen with guests 09 Jan 2017.


AlKhor (Qatar) Pakistani Community 9th Jan. 2017 'Lahore Qalandars' cricket Club defeated 'Gilgit Elevators' Cricket Club by 39 runs in 5th annual Cricket Championship organised by Sohni Dharti, a Pakistani AlKhor Community base community forum. In final match, winning the toss, Lahore Qalandars decided to play first where it made 137 ... Read More
January 9, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
P. Kumaran, Indian ambassador to Qatar launching ISC 03 Jan 2016


03 January 2017 Doha Ambassador of India to State of Qatar, P. Kumaran formally announced the setting up of Indian Sports Centre (ISC) in Doha. Addressing to media this morning, Indian envoy highlighted about the initiative of Doha based prominent members of Indian community for promoting sports activities among Indian youth and ... Read More
January 4, 2017M Ashraf Siddiqui
Qatar and Torkey Signs MOU 27 Dec 2016


Tuesday 27 December 2016 Doha (QNA) General Authority of Civil Aviation Qatar and its counterpart in the Republic of Turkey have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences, skills and training in the field of air safety between the two countries. The MoU was signed after ... Read More
December 27, 2016M Ashraf Siddiqui


Doha based Bazm-e-Alig, Alumni of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)of India paid homage and tribute to their college founder and great reformer Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Celebrating 199th birth anniversary of late Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a grand event was held on 11th November 2016 at Marriott Hotel, Doha. Prof. Dr ... Read More
November 17, 2016M Ashraf Siddiqui


17 October 2016 Ahmet Demirok, ambassador of Turkey visited today the First Turkish School resuming it's academic role for Turkish youth residing in Qatar. ' Turkish children will benefit by establishing of this school to have a decent education in affordable moderate cost, which is heavily subsided in lines of Turkish ... Read More
October 17, 2016M Ashraf Siddiqui